Flo rida dating vivica fox how to get on a dating show

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Flo rida dating vivica fox

Flo Rida’s song “Low” was the song that allowed him to get not only national popularity but a stable Flo Rida net worth .

The said song remained number one on the Billboard charts for ten weeks.

Viv says NO, she met Flo Rida at a function and he invited her to the set of his video the next day.

She said she learned not to date rappers (after the whole 50 Cent fiasco).

Fox enjoyed a brief romance with 50 Cent in 2003, but the In Da Club hitmaker dumped her during a radio interview when photos of the pair from a private shoot appeared on the cover of a magazine - without his approval.

So the 44-year-old star is baffled by reports she's now in a relationship with Flo Rida, blaming the media for exaggerating a one-off meeting.

Check out the latest news about Flo Rida’s supposed long-term girlfriend and Vivica’s competition.So Viv says that she wants to buy a house in Miami because she loves it out there, etc.Wendy took the advantage of asking her if she was dating FLO RIDA because there were rumors going around that the two were spotted together in Miami.She says, "I met him at an event and the next thing you know we're 'together'. I learned my rapper thing the first time." Fox, who was previously wed to singer Christopher 'Sixx-Nine' Harvest, has also ruled out any plans to remarry: "No (chance of marriage). It was in ninth grade when Flo Rida (his stage name in the music industry) joined an amateur rap group called the Ground Hoggz which marked the beginning of Flo Rida net worth .

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Flo Rida is madly in love with her and feels she is the love of his life.

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