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Sussman mentioned things like a new job, starting grad school, moving to college, etc.can often cause a partner to feel neglected, or like they're receiving less attention than they once were.Do you think flirting while driving’s a problem or no big deal? Learn about how car manufacturers are developing features designed to fight against the many temptations that lead to distracted driving.In addition to flirting while driving, there are even more bad driving behaviors that might not be on your radar.

Sussman's advice is to figure out your own feelings before disclosing everything to your partner.Or if you’re really on the lookout for love, consider this.According to a recent survey by MSNBC, 63 percent of married couples met through a friend, not, like the song says, “ridin’ on the freeway.” That stolen glance could cost you more than just a dented bumper.Like your car, your insurance premium could also take a hit if you cause an accident due to distraction.If you happen to glance at a good-looking motorist (not on purpose, I hope!

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You might be able to work it out and move on, but your [partner] might not be able to."If it turns out that the crush is actually something serious — like you have real feelings for someone else that you feel compelled to explore, or you realize that the crush is a sign you aren't happy in your relationship — then that's the conversation you should have with your partner.

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