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There may be changes due to weather conditions, for informations, you can visit the site of the 64 personalities have each chosen a photography in the national archive, one for each year since the creation of the State of Israel. Contact: 054-7691895 Dubi, Dafna 04-6546917Alon Galil region, horse trekking in the surrounding Singalim valley, different difficulty levels, independent rides on paths marked by the JNF and KKL.

These photos are exposed in the streets of Haifa, Theatrical guided tours along the path details at 106 or 1-800-30-50-90 (9 :00-13: 00), Funeral busts of the Roman period in Eretz Israel Cypriot Pottery in Ancient Times New discoveries of marine archeology, Shikmona's treasures Terracotta , Figurines from ancient times, Pirates, the skull and the flag Sailing ships of the XVIIIth century Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa , Commissioner Ruthi Director, characteristics of the art in the past and today in three major cities,04 Artists : Michael Gross, Yehoshua Grossbard Zvi Mairovich, 04 Artists groups Ha Agaf Elat Ha Mastic MAX Pyramida 02 Artists: Mordechai Ardon, Michel Hadad Avraham Ofek Leopold Krakauer, Jacob Pins 02 Artists groups Barbur Mamuta Yaffo 23 03 Artists: Raffi Lavie, Henry Shelesnyak, Yehezkel Streichman 03 Artists groups Alfred Binyamin Hanina The Spaceship PEKA gallery, Amado building, Technion, Haifa, Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and ingeneering, Emerson Building, 4th floor, Technion, Rinat Kishoni-Tavalina Bridge between Science and Art, opening on May 16 11: 00Beit Ha Gefen, Haifa, Neighborliness, paintings and artifacts by Jews and Arabs, also in streets and walls in the wadi, wall painting and ceramics; Crestfalle, Low Voltage, group exhibit, opening May 2, On May 2, 19: 00, Opening Ceremony of the Month of Arab Culture, in the presence of Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa, opening of the exhibition Crestfalle, Low Voltage, group exhibit, Art Gallery, Beit Hagefen, Haifa On May 9, 20: 00, Al Ha Gvul Festival Shlomi, Drawing Marathon, traveling across the face, Centre for Alternative Theatre, Shlomi On May 10, 10: 00, Al Ha Gvul Festival Shlomi, Installation Candy jumping like balls, Centre for Alternative Theatre, Shlomi On May 12, , Dancers Yasmin Rothkofef, Linoi Marco, Hadas Yakobi and Eva Zovstarska, dancing Musical collage of the Barbour Gallery, , Lectures by artists of the Hanina group, Yonathan Hirshfeld: German Thought in English, 14: 00, Segav Yakir, The Mystery of the first abstract painting in Israel, , Amir Folk, When Donald Duck got down from the boat, Haifa Museum of Art Milk and Honey Festival, On May 25 and May 26, 12 :00-14, 00, In the footsteps of guards and shepherds, stories, photos, recordings and surprises, easy walk to the monument overlooking the Jezreel Valley. contact Afar Avidov 052-3347194Celebrate Shavuot with the ducks in Kfar Baruch, Wonders of the waterbirds' life, breeding, spawning, incubation, etc. Additional information: 04-6540882, 052-3221357From May 20 to 24, 10 :00-20: 00, and May 25, 10 :00-17: 00, Labyrinths in the valley, Sde Yaakov, Two giant mazes of fabric and corn, literary riddles and songs. For details: 04-9830255, 050-5404473 Michael On May 25 and 26 May 10: 00, 12: 00, 14: 00, The Railroad Valley, Milk and Honey Festival new and old, tours, activities, stories, Kfar Yehoshua On May 26 and 27, 10: 00 and 14: 00, Milk and Honey Festival Horizon - bike center Aloni Aba, visit harvest in wheat fields, observation of biological pesticides in agricultural areas. through beautiful forests Hours: Sunday - Thursday at p.m. , 04-9869888From May 20 to 24, 8 :00-16: 00, Tnuva Ha Thabor Alon, visit the "cottage" home, visit the dairy, and the manufacturing processes by appointment For more information:

Please come in white shirt and bring challah, wine and pastries, free admission On May 25, 19: 30, Milk and Honey Festival, Tribute to the accordion and songs in Hebrew, Amphi Nahalal On May 26, 10: 30, The Israeli Chamber Project, Yael Karet, piano, Daniel Bard, violin, Tibi Zeiger, clarinet, Michal Korman, cello, Sivan Magen, harp, harp and piano sonata by Debussy, Brahms sextet , Beethoven trio for clarinet, and a new composition of Zohar Sharon, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet On May 26, 11: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Congress choirs, Kolot Ba Emek, musical director Uri Kariv, Kolot Shluvim Ba Emek Haim Levi-Sadot Eilon Aviram, Pina-Bakfar Bathia Abir, Room entertainment, Kibbutz Yifat On May 26, 21: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Nigun Halev, Tikkun, Shavuoth Night, please bring a cheesecake, Stories of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, Club (moadon), Nahalal On May 26, 21: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, What is love?

Riki Gal and Matti Caspi, amphi Nahalal On May 26, Plaza of the auditorium Rappoport, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot, Opening and reading of the Megillah22: 00, Greetings from the Mayor, Lecture by Orly Vilnai and Guy Rose, Rappoport Hall; Screening of the film The Rebel (Soreret) Cinematheque; Lesson of the Torah revealed; Lecture by Dr.

Elizabeth Goldwin Premeditation, Musical interlude by the group Voices in the wilderness, esplanade: Cycle Lectures, esplanade / Orna Ben Dor, Mama said, Rappoport Hall; Midnight Tikkun ceremony, music for the opening of the gates of heaven, with Rabbis Golan Ben Horin, Sigal Dvash-Kobi and Asher Weiss, the Studio , Beit Hecht; Screening Every one’s a winner, Cinematheque; They break the glass, and Rabbi Gaby Daga Room 2; Where is the bait?

with Orit Rosenbluth Room 3 Beit Hecht; Atthe beginning was love, by Beit Midrash Ahava Tchila, Hillel Haifa University, Plazza1: 00 Musical interlude by the group Voices in the wilderness, esplanade;1: 30, Cycle of Lecture, Esplanade, Women and public space and religious dialogue between religious with Sharif Menal, Golan Ben Horin, Rola Kian, Jalal Behanim, the Studio; Master class with Mika Karni, Cinematheque; The woman decides with Rabbi Dov Hayun, Room 2, Beit Hecht; Judaism as a meeting place, by Nico Sokolowski, Room 3, Beit Hecht; Dispear and courage, students of Beit Midrash Ruach Hadasha, esplanade;2: 30, Music show, esplanade; Rona Keinan, Rappoport Hall,4: 30, Morning Prayer, esplanade On May 26, 22: 00, Reali School, Beit Biram, Tikkun of the night of Shavuot, Education, Judaism and Israeli society "- a roundtable discussion with: Esther Navon, MK Othniel Schneller, Eiran Dobobi, Dr.

Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults (ages 20 and 30).

A planning committee organizes social events twice a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption assistance.

The walks take about two hours, come with walking shoes and water. You must register in : 052-2662181, 04-9833987On May 26 and 27, 8 :00-16: 00, every hour, birding walk, Kfar Baruch 04-9099800Jeep rides around Kfar Baruch in the Jezreel Valley and the forests of Manasseh, crop fields, stops in the most beautiful spots and explanations.The flagship program of the festival is the international competition: fifty films under 3 minutes, subtitled in Arabic, representing the best short audio-visual production in the world this year, experience "very short" and vote for your favorite movies!On May 16 -18: 00, Technion Student Festival, with Ivri Lider and TYP, Aviv Gefen and Efrate Gosh, Berry Sakharov and Shalom Hanoch, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Damaged Goods, Desert, Metal Scent, Ha Shovavim, Sukrazit, Technion, Haifa On May 17, -18: 00, Technion Student Festival with Josh, Eyal Golan, Mosh Ben Artsi and Ninette Taieb, Ha Dag Nachash and Rami Fortis, Skazi, DIRKN, Mando, Ministry of Dub Keys, Iman Nahas, pool party, Technion, Haifa On May 17, 10 :00-13: 00, Adding life to years, Health Day to promote healthy active lifestyles for seniors, experiences and demonstartions, guided walking, Nordic walking, Tai Chi, Yoga, petanque, and lecture: Physical Activity, it's never too late, by Dr.88, Prokofiev: Symphony no.1 "Classic", Mozart and Haydn: Arias for Soprano, Centre Culturel Naharyia On May 22, 20: 00, Book lovers, Tashach, Yoram Kaniuk, commented by Dr.Sara Saguy, (because of works, this meeting does not take place at Beit Yad Le Banim), Achuza Reali School, Kiryat Sefer 26, first floor, Haifa On May 23, , A Night at the Opera, The magical world of opera, Lecture by Michael Eisenstadt, Paris, City of Lights, from La Bohème to Traviatta in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute Haifa, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa On May 23, 20: 00, Israel in songs, a tribute to the IDF singing groups, presentation of Nati Goldberg, (because of works, this lecture by does not take place at Beit Yad Le Banim), Achuza Reali School, Kiryat Sefer 26, first floor, Haifa On May 23, 20: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, The Omer from generation to generation, the most beautiful songs of the valley, Shimshit, Jezreel Valley On May 23, 20: 00, Milk and Honey Festival, Tikkun Shavuoth night, Regional Library, Nahalal On May 23, , The Israel Netanyia Kibboutz Orchestra, concert no.

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