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Just keep your cool and show interest, but withhold a little and surprise him sometimes like asking him out. Find Out If You Should Rather Be dating Kenyan Men You must learn how to be his friend, meaning you have to be his girlfriend without him asking you to become more than either a sex object or a casual acquaintance.

You do not have to be difficult to please instead you want to leave him coming back for more.You should respect your date’s wishes and needs, but not to the extent that you have to give him everything.Show him that you respect his views and intelligence by adding a smart remark. A man wants to hear a good compliment or two, so, do not be stingy and give him what he wants.Just try to take it easy and be a sponge, absorb everything that they teach you and for the initial period, avoid being all over the place.It is always all right to do a little bit of flirting in your date whatever your age is.

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This makes your date more memorable and unforgettable than ever.