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Eban pagan dating

This is important because if your prospect has a need and they’re searching for solutions, and they’ve got a shit load of options, then you have to play the competition game.And this game is usually played on price and you don’t want to be competing on price and if you do, you want to be the most expensive.He has focused his life on learning the psychology and behavior of marketing and business.In this interview, available in its full length in the DVD set of The New Money Masters, Pagan teaches Tony Robbins his system for evaluating new hires. Questions they have for you By asking your new recruit to spend five minutes each day on an email for their first 30 days, you will be able to determine if this person is a superstar, or if you both need to cut your losses and move on.And he watched people he was helping going to make millions of dollars using his advice.This was a very high end seminar that he launched the opposite way he launched his first one.The cost of hiring the wrong person is high, but the cost of keeping the wrong person is even higher.

If they aren’t you’re gonna have to convince them to buy what you’re selling, and this, is shitty.This is important because if they’re out looking for a solution, they’re much more likely to be a buyer?It’s one of the reason that Search Engine Marketing is awesome because by definition, the prospect is going to a search engine and searching for an answer.But even if you go through all of the right processes to hire the right person, you may end up with someone who interviews well but isn’t an outstanding performer.So how can you determine if your new hire is up to snuff as quickly as possible?

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