Dropcam nude

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Dropcam nude

That swells to 79 or so the number found circling the giant planet since Galileo spotted the first of them with a homemade telescope more than 400 years ago. The issue, which talks about sex in the digital age, comes with a warning: "MATURE CONTENT, READER DISCRETION ADVISED" and a "NSFW" tag, a popular Internet acronym which means: "Not Safe For Work." Here it is: He predicts that naked pictures — the images on home-security cameras that get hacked and rebroadcast online, the pictures taken of you surreptitiously, the leaked pictures — will soon become ubiquitous, and it will no longer be weird and embarrassing to be someone whose sexts or naked pictures are online: Everything you feel, smell, and see is leaping onto the Internet, just as everything is becoming a camera. Perhaps your naked image is already on a neighbor’s Dropcam, which happened to see in your window as you walked past without any pants on.In NY and Boston, you can use Hello Alfred for a person that can access your apartment.At my retirement community, you had a clinic of geriatric physicians at your beck and call.Therefore, differentiation is more important than ever. Instead of competing against a “virtual retirement community,” can we collaborate with 2.0 companies and both benefit. After all, is it senior living or is it living in SF? It's about personal relationships, not just apps or processes. In a bid to diversify their male-dominated ranks to include and appeal to more women, Facebook and Apple will now give up to ,000 in benefits to help employees pay for infertility treatments, sperm donors and even to freeze their eggs.

Staying at home – our biggest competitor – is an easier and easier option.

One summer, I had the thrill of living in an Erickson community. Now, this is going to sound crazy, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if I live in a virtual retirement community or in SF.

I am also not quite sure what it could mean for the future of senior living.

If Hulu isn’t working for you, try the video embed on Deadspin.

This is a beautiful short video narrated by Carl Sagan showing future human exploration of our solar system.

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But will regulators go along—and will passengers be willing to pay?

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