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They may be embarrassed or ashamed, and may blame themselves. Tell them that you are concerned for their safety and well-being and that you are there for them.

They may be afraid their parents will make them break up, convinced that it is their fault or that their parents will blame them or be disappointed in them, and afraid of losing privileges. Ask them what they would like to have happen..can you help them be safe. Educate yourself—access online resources, read, call Caring Unlimited for information and/or support for yourself!

Teen depression’s intensity results from society’s general lack of acknowledgement of the rising affair.

The surprisingly low amount of people aware of teen depression creates a serious matter in today’s world.

Dating abuse is a pattern of behavior, attitudes and beliefs that seek to exert power and control over another person in a dating relationship.

A dating relationship is defined as a person involved in an intimate or romantic association with another person, regardless of length or exclusivity of the relationship.

Tactics used in youth dating abuse include one or more of the following: There are many reasons why teens don’t tell parents about the abuse. Acknowledge that they are in a very difficult and scary situation.

It also predominantly affects young ladies than it does males. Teens are at a position in their lives when they must face significant transition and peer pressures.

They are trying to identify with themselves and trying to figure out where there puzzle piece fits in society, all of which can show the way to behavioral and emotional changes....

[tags: Depression, Mental Disorder, Teen Suicide] - This paper will focus on the distinctions between the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome and depression symptoms in adolescents.

Misdiagnosed children suffer silently, facing academic difficulties.

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[tags: teen depression] - “A dark brooding cloud was slowly casting a shadow across my mind.” “I felt weighed down, oppressed by the burden of having to face a new day.” “. — These are descriptions of how Cait Irwin, who suffered from depression as a teenager, described it.