Does my computer keep updating shut down

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An additional point of interest is Saivian’s Marketing Director, Steve Gewecke.Gewecke first popped up on Behind MLM’s radar back in 2012, as a VIP Founder of US Utility Direct.Also note that no more than 50% of the required affiliate downline can be counted from any one unilevel leg.

Despite these claims, I was unable to find any specific information on Sheehan’s purported MLM history.

Who owned US Utility Direct was never disclosed, with the company failing to launch on its advertised June 30th, 2012 launch date.

In August 2014 Gewecke resurfaced as the President of My Nyloxin.

Numbers on a screen payments will likely continue, with Saivian affiliates only realizing the scheme has collapsed once they attempt actual withdrawals.

At the top of the scheme are likely a bunch of positions held by John Sheehan and friends, who will head up the company-wide unilevel.

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The shopping side of Saivian might be legit, but ultimately has nothing to do with the MLM component of the business opportunity.