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Ddating tip related 1 txt 1

You can do two things to increase the speed of your Magento install: NOTE: there is a rumor that with the 1.3 release of Magento new functionality will be added with huge performance improvements.

Another thing to look for is the number of external files.

Most tips, tricks & best practices still apply though. You will find this setting under System = Search Engines Optimization.

Magento is one of the most search engine friendly e Commerce platforms straight out of the box, but there are several known issues that can be taken care of to optimize your Magento SEO. Another good thing to configure now you are on this screen is “Add store Code to Urls” under “Url Options”.

If you don’t use the meta description, the search engine will find the keyword searched for in your document, and automatically pick a string around that, which gives you a bolded word or two in the results page.

Magento gives you the ability to add the name of categories to path for product URL’s.

A very important factor in how many pages a search engine will spider on your shop each day, is how speedy your shop loads.

Once you’ve given each CMS page some decent content, pick a SEF URL Identifier and page title, (while keeping in mind the points under 1.2), and go to the Meta Data tab to write a description for each CMS page that you actually want to rank with. The description has one very important function: enticing people to click, so make sure it states what’s in the page they’re clicking towards, and that it gets their attention.

Thus, the only well written description is a handwritten one, and if you’re thinking of auto-generating the meta description, you might as well not do anything and let the search engine control the snippet…

Of course you can do this for each specified Store View as well.

By default the logo is an All that javascript and CSS you might have in your template files, move that to external javascripts and css files, and keep your templates clean, as they’re not doing your Magento SEO any good.

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Also keep “Default Description” and “Default Keywords” empty.

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