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Datingsitenewyork com

Stay tuned for news on the April Update coming soon!

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We also had to address the role of the secondary weapons placed on the map.

All of the changes in this update are focused on that ethos – the weapon now kicks less, while dealing a small increase in damage than before, but at the same time, we have shifted where the stopping power is strongest.

The Hammerburst no longer deals much stopping power close range, so if your opponents get closer, you’ll be under pressure to switch weapons.

To make room for the other weapons and make a meaningful choice for your loadout weapon, we reduced the damage by taking a little from the headshots and putting some of it back into the general bullet damage.

We’ve also decreased the size of the magazine to give other players more of an opening against a Lancer if their opponent doesn’t land all their shots.

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In Core, we found the current weapon respawn times of 30 seconds were influencing both the basic Gears battles and one-on-one duels a little too often – especially when it came to the use of explosive power weapons.

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