Dating while still living with parents

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Dating while still living with parents

You don't want a mature, committed relationship. You need a date for certain events and parties, but you're not really interested in anything beyond that. You're 30 something and you live with your parents, and his parents have a better place than yours!Should a Man Date a Woman Who Lives With Her Parents?Sometimes they've had a medical set back, perhaps they had to have surgery, and are at home to get a little TLC before they go back out on their own. If he needed a month or two at home to get back on his feet financially, it's understandable.However, if he's been there for more than three months, for any reason whatsoever, and he has no viable plan for leaving mom and dad's house, you're dating a launch pad failure.The reason for this is that if you make his living situation okay, you're complicit in your failure to launch date.If you make it clear to him that you really like him, and want to date him more, but you don't want to be at his folks house for anything other than dinner with all four of you -- including his folks -- and that, only after you're serious about him -- then he'll get the picture.

Believe me, he's had a lot more than your ultimatum on his plate.

My question is, is that really such a deterent to dating?

If someone truly loves you and likes being with you can they overlook the fact that you still live at home with your parents, but that you at least have GOALS to move out at some point in the future? I haven't been to these forums in quite awhile so I haven't looked through all the pages to see similar threads like this.

Although these perceptions are sometimes completely out of whack -- they do exist. If you're a guy, and you're interested in a woman who's living at home, be prepared for the following: 1. You may wake up with a shot gun in your face or a future mother in law who's just a tad too eager to have you as her son in law, and knows where you live! When you show up to take her out on a date, bring her mother a little something as a gift.

A small bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates is respectful and will win you points with your date and her parents. Don't expect the same kind of independence from this woman that you would from a woman who has made her own life out of the house.

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It should sound something like this: If he's still living with his parents in eight more weeks, I'm going to stop dating him and move on to greener pastures.

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