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Still, as frustrating as it was, I found that discussing my disability and being open about the things that made me different made for a great filtering system, and after a bit of time I found I was seeing dating differently than I had before.

For one 24-year-old couple, their burgeoning relationship, like many before it, was to be built upon these concepts and keeping them in mind.I tried the approach of fully disclosing my disability in a dating profile (didn’t work at all) and not disclosing it until conversation led to the subject of meeting in person – this approach worked best, though women sometimes chose not to meet me at all once I’d told them the story.I spent more than eight years dating online and after all that, I still can’t tell you I found a sure fire solution to overcoming the barriers of dating when you have a disability.The truth is many single people are chasing an illusion.This leads to false expectations and disappointment because there aren’t any people on earth who can consistently fulfil the stereotype that has been created about the ideal mate. But slowly over time, as they peel back the layers, they realise that the person they thought they were with turned out to be considerably different than advertised.

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It happened when I met Lisa for a first date; one we had planned after meeting each other online.

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