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This jacket was introduced with the cowboy in mind and they were to continue to be produced for several decades.The “Slim” Jacket was the first shorter, more tailored western-style jacket and was later to be included under the Rider Label.It was in 1922 that Lee first introduced the Buddy Lee Doll , a choice of many vintage collectors today. These jeans, now part of the Lee “Riders” product line, did not carry that label until the mid 1940’s. As a side note, the zipper was invented in 1893 and perfected in 1913. In the 1920’s and 30’s, the Talon and Scovill companies were dominant in the expansion and use of zipper fasteners.They proved so successful that dolls were created featuring many different outfits. The word “Rider” appeared from time to time, but it wasn’t until the 1940’s that the actual product range existed. It was also in the early 1930’s that sanforization was perfected and was more widely used in the manufacture of denim products.These jackets, like most early versions of Lee Western Wear Jacket had three versions of pocket tags and labels which can be used to determine the approximate time they were manufactured. The second used in the 1960’s had the “Lee ®” in the name.

These work wear jackets could be identified by a house silhouette on the jacket tab, also noting the description “Jelt Denim and Sanforized”.Lee continued to emphasize work wear specifically for certain types of “worker trades”.In addition to the earlier described railroad jacket, in 1927 Lee introduced the “Logger dungarees featuring wider hips, watch pockets and suspender buttons.The purpose was to give their customers something to wear on more “dress up” occasions. Lee Westerner Jackets came in white, black, brown, blue and Khaki.When they were manufactured can be determined by the registered trademark on the label.

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Early versions of the Storm Rider had embroidered labels but later became printed labels instead. In 1944, Lee’s cowboy products were combined together under the “Lee Riders Label”.

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