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Dating the new testament gospels

In the 17th century a collection of these writings was edited and designated as the writings of the 'Apostolic Fathers'.

On the other hand, in Christian circles and on the fringes of the church there were interpretations of Christianity which the mainline church completely rejected.

The most important manuscripts of the whole New Testament are parchments written in majuscules.Because the Apostle Peter did not wish to offend Jewish Christians who were strict about the purity code he refrained from eating meals with non-Jewish Christians at the same table.In doing so he succeeded in offending the Apostle Paul, who was the host at table.Paul tells what happened in the second chapter of Galatians.In controversies such as the Antioch conflict it was a question of seeking one's identity. When it separated from Judaism, division began: different Christians understood what it meant to be a Christian in different ways.

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It is usually very difficult to ascertain the age and origin of these texts.