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Dating service scotland

“So I can capitalise on social time, wherever I am,” he adds.

“I spend much of my working week at the moment travelling between my businesses, however I meet new people all of the time and I have a healthy social life.

Likes Edinburgh’s vibrant culture and country escapes.

Enjoys good restaurants, the best seats in the house and high performance cars.

“Because they are high profile they don’t want to use the internet dating agencies.

They want to keep it very private, so they come to us.”The organisation, which charges clients £25,000 if they want to broaden their search for love across Europe, rising to £40,000 if they are hunting even further afield, includes actors, entrepreneurs, media professionals, bankers, judges and academics among its clients.

Adds Emma: “Clients are usually very high up in their profession or they may be well known in the media.

They are in the financial industry, the legal profession, and a lovely mix of entrepreneurs who are very busy running their own businesses and maintaining them.We have a number of academics and land owners – a very broad mixture of people and a good balance of men and women.”In spite of the recent recession, Edinburgh’s reputation for above average earnings and its pool of well-heeled moneyed professionals persuaded the agency to expand into the city.And further afield it seems there’s plenty of demand from rich lonely hearts – the agency’s global membership has grown by 25 per cent in the last six months, with 3000 members in the UK alone.“The nightclubs they go to are places they know they won’t find the calibre of lady they want to spend the rest of their lives with.“Many people at this level have quite bad experiences,” she adds.

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“Gentlemen can be very easily led by the look of a good-looking woman.