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Dating scammer ralph edwards

I have currently been a cardmember for the last22 years and for a number of years prior to those last 22 years and am considering giving up my and my wife’s memberships of which we each hold 5 different American Express cards.

At this point I rate American Express as a Zero when it comes to member protection.

I have made several calls inquiring about the status of the dispute most recently in the past week and 3 times today, June13th .

In a call I made a week ago I was told that the merchant hadn’t as yet responded and had till June 12th after which American Express would move to the next step in the dispute process When I made my ist call today, June 13th the representative told me that the merchant had till July 23 to respond.

It takes 10 biz days, now it takes 14 biz days, then we were on day 5, next day it was day 3. Tried to e mail AMEX corporate in NY was given e mail that was not working.

Where do you go, what do you do, I have had an AMX card for 19 years.

Please someone give me a call, write me a note, tell me the truth, speak to me, tell the truth.

In 1882, the company launched a money order business and in 1891 they created the Traveler’s Cheque. Today, American Express cards account for almost a quarter of the total credit card dollars transacted each year. Tagged as: American Express address, American Express complaint desk, American Express complaints, american express corporate address, American Express corporate office headquarters, American Express customer complaints, american express headquarters, American Express home office, american express main office, American Express office address, American Express office email, American Express office fax, American Express office phone, American Express office phone number We purchased travel insurance from American Express, Amex Assurance.I suppose I would have to get in touch with those individuals to answer the questions successfully – I have yet to inquire on their wealth and property info as well as birthday info. “My issue is with Bluebird a money card for direct deposit offered from American Express.Yet, on second thought, I suppose I don’t really have the luxury of time to stalk those people to get this matter taken cared off. On January 17, 2018, I went to an atm to withdraw 0.00., the at, crashed and I was forced to file a dispute for the money lost.In my second call I was told the dispute had been closed and a letter had been just mailed on June 10th telling me this which I have yet to receive.I asked how it could be closed when I had just in the past week received an email stating that the dispute was still open and active.

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I called American Express and spoke with Carissa on 5-30-18 and was informed that she could not access my account and I would be contacted within 48 hours. Of course, as I expected no one has returned my call and it is now 6-4-18.