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If kids get belligerent and violent after 18 (or at any time, in my opinion) the police should be called. You can stay there anytime you want, for as long as you want, as long as you live our way.” We said it with love and kindness, but we wanted him to see his role in a different way—as an adult.If you feel compromised and taken advantage of by an older child, you need to realize this: the child is an adult now. For parents who are very anxious and have a lot of fears about their kids, this sounds like a difficult thing to say. But it’s really the best thing to say because you need to let these kids know that they have to start to make it on your own.” They become much more adept at manipulating their parents by blaming them for being too rigid and strict. You should trust me more.” But the fact is, they’re not getting that much older.Teenage mentality lasts from early adolescence until 22 or 23 years of age.Most of the research shows kids are still using the same parts of their brain at 22 that they were using at 15.Their brain is still developing in their early 20’s.

), to getting a job, to alcohol use, James Lehman offers advice on how to set reasonable limits and how to coach your child to responsibility and independence.This is a thinking error—a complete cognitive distortion that you shouldn’t accept as a parent.Parents need to say to older kids, “You made your choices in high school, and now if you want to better yourself, you’re going to have to go to school at night.Parents feel they have to take care of their kids, whether they are 9 or 19 years old.But as kids get older, they engage in more risky behavior, and “taking care of them” becomes more challenging.

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In effect, you are saying, “You’ve had 18 years to learn how to make it on your own. Whatever you’ve chosen not to learn or chosen not to do over those 18 years, you’re going to have to pay a price for that now.” The bottom line is, sometimes kids have to start out small.

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