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Dating mausli

She stirred the mixture very briskly for a few minutes and it got all foamy and green - a lovely bright colour.

We each had a turn to drink the tea straight out of the mother 'pot' and then she made a fresh batch for the next person: it had a very strong, rather bitter flavour, but also very fresh. The judge then gave me a tea set: this came as a complete surprise to me, and I felt very honoured and humbled.

He told us that he also uses Puerh Tea from China, which he buys in compressed cakes for lots of money.

I definitely got the impression that doing the tea ceremony the really traditional and proper way required access to lots of money.

To discuss the details, he had scheduled a meeting for us on Thursday afternoon.

So off the three of us (Shin, Kang, Jess) went to the court.

An important-looking place of course, with metal detectors in the foyer and finger-print entrance-security in the corridors.

She used a different kind of pot - similar to the 'mother' pot - for this tea.I must note that the 'tea set' is very small compared to our western tea sets: the pots and the cups.The tea tasted lovely: a clean, green tea kind of taste which I'm sure I couldn't even fully appreciate.I commented that one doesn't come across traditional tea ceremonies very often, and Kang translated that this had to do with the Japanese occupation which tried to stamp out a lot of Korean traditions.Tea ceremonies are generally associated with people of higher social standing, then and now, and this explains why the judge would have 'treated' us to this: as a way of welcoming us, but also maybe to make us appreciate that we were in 'important' company.

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But he refuses to try my rooibos tea as it is in a teabag!

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