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Dating jesus

Despite the celebration of Christmas in December, neither Luke nor Matthew mentions a season for when Jesus was born.

However, scholarly arguments regarding the realism of shepherds grazing their flock during the winter have taken place, both challenging a winter birth for Jesus as well as defending it by relying on the mildness of winters in ancient Israel and rabbinic rules regarding sheep near Bethlehem before February.

Geza Vermes has described such approaches as "exegetical acrobatics".

Saturnalia was held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December.We don’t want to get too deeply attached where it may be awkward to comfortably break it off.We experience struggle with the concept of going “all in,”whether that means a personal challenge of being available to serve or assist in the practical workings of the church, the planned, generous and joyful giving of our finances to facilitate effective ministry, or even maintaining a margin of time and making it a priority to reach into the community to seek and serve the lost as Jesus did. Being in some form of a relationship but still keeping our eyes on the horizon just in case there’s something better “out there.” It appears this “better” competition to discipleship and a deep life of real faith is a deeper priority for self.Real discipleship, a true sharing of Christ life, implies accountability.Not in the sense of “big brother” watching and judging, but the necessity of affirming and constructive counsel which can only be found in doing life together.

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