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Will she wear her white Alexander Mc Queen dress again?(Netflix) Mike Colter returns as the tank-top loving crime fighter.By the end of the season, we know these characters, and this show, far better than ever before.“Bo Jack’s” signature tropes — the background visual jokes, the animal puns, the brutal moments of sadness — remain reliably consistent, but the show turns the focus largely inward, ensuring that some of the more outlandish plots support and highlight the more emotional storylines.Red Nose Day (NBC) The channel’s annual telethon partnership with Comic Relief USA that unleashes star power to raise money to end child poverty.

Along with co-creator and longtime collaborator Pelecanos, the scripts are as researched and evocative as ever. However, this might be the most brilliant touch of Season 3: Because “Outlander” is still deliberately a love story, audiences can go in with the expectation that the show’s central couple will see eventually each others’ faces, in one way or another.

(Fox) Because someone thought Ramsay needed another show, here’s a new one.

Now we have the cantankerous celebrity chef driving a mobile kitchen to struggling restaurants around the country—where he’s got just a small window of time to save them from collapse.(NBC) It’s the third and final season for Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta’s cop drama.2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (MTV) Tiffany Haddish is hosting this year.

Through their physical separation and independent performances, Cash and Geere help “You’re the Worst” become more of a black comedy than a romantic comedy in Season 4.

It’s a study of fragility and insecurity from two people who act as if such things don’t exist — not for them. Fiercely independent minds aren’t easily swayed, and Falk is patient in drawing each character out of their shells, but efficiently injects laughs while doing so.

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It’s moody, sarcastic and 100 times cooler than you, so get over it.

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