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Dating hudson bay point blankets

French traders first introduced the point system for wool blankets.Point, or pointed, blankets were part of the North American fur trade by the late 1600s and were in use by French and English colonists and soldiers.Residents of Western Pennsylvania and Marjorie’s surviving relatives still hold out hope she’s alive.If she is, she may yet celebrate her 85th birthday next month.The effort slowed when a cold rain fell at one a.m. They waded through the stream and stood 25 yards apart in a mile-long line, ultimately combing four square miles.Police interviewed motorists across an area spanning 300 square miles.The word “point” is believed to come from the French , meaning to thread stitches on to cloth.The Hudson’s Bay Company adopted a standardized point system in 1780.

“The searches found the crushed bouquet of violets, picked for her mother for Mother’s Day, lying on the ground not far from the rock,” close to where the flowers were pulled, wrote Catherine, the daughter of Marjorie’s cousin Joyce, on her genealogy blog in 2006.“She could still be living,” said Marjorie’s cousin, Jack Covert, in an interview shortly before he passed away in March.“But she’s probably not around here.” Marjorie was lost four decades before the nationwide “stranger danger” panic over kidnappings, set off when the son of eventual “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh disappeared from a Florida mall in 1981.n a damp Thursday morning in May 1938, hundreds of workers from Western Pennsylvania oil fields, given the day off to look for a missing girl, walked through the Allegheny Forest at arms’ length.They traversed the tangled underbrush alongside police with bloodhounds, World War I veterans, Cornplanter Indians, coal miners, and assorted others who’d responded to the local mayor’s call for 1,000 volunteers.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Bradford’s mayor Hugh Ryan issued his plea for 1,000 volunteers for the next day’s search. The search was praised for its organization, thanks in part to the men who, like Shirley, had served in the Great War.

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