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Dating guy nice

He can’t make decisions on his own, constantly defers to the woman, has no strong opinions on anything, and is, essentially, a doormat. A doormat is a doormat; doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. A nice guy isn’t nice if he harbors deep feelings of resentment toward the fairer sex.

Feminism came up as a subject in a conversation he and I were having with two other women there.

He followed this up with a full week worth of constant cursing through social media and texts, until I blocked him everywhere.

He then sent me a candle through the [post]." "I went to a party with a guy who bragged about sleeping with over 60 women in the [car] there.

I got angry at him for this slur, he said he was joking and shouldn't have to prove what a decent person he is. Came back, and then back to the bathroom to puke again.

The next day he texted and told me he never again will defend his integrity, and also told me that if I was one of his workmates he would have just 'told me to fuck off'." "Went on a date with a guy who seemed goofy but nice, and normal enough. He parked near my apartment and we Ubered to a restaurant. I paid for half the meal and the Uber back to my place.

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For example, my mother, once a true flower child who only didn’t reach Woodstock because she and her friends got stuck in traffic, still claims she’s a feminist.

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