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The purpose of this study was to examine cultural variability influence on intimacy expressions of love commitment, disclosure maintenance, ambivalence, and conflict in France, Japan, and the United States.The MANOVA analyses revealed significant main effects for culture type (France.Los encuestados en Francia y los Estados Unidos reportaron un grado significativamente mayor de compromiso amoroso y franqueza que los encuestados Japoneses.

Venant au terme de la différence entre le sexe, le sex femenin a reporté un degreé d'attachement, d'expressión de soi, et d'expressions de conflits entre personnes plus élevés que le sex masculin.Japan, and the United States) and for gender type (male versus female) on the intimacy expression patterns.No significant interaction effect was found for culture and gender. respondents reported a higher degree of relational ambivalence than their Japanese counterparts.En lo referente a diferencias sexuales, las mujeres reportaron un grado significamente mayor de compromiso amoroso, franqueza y expresiones de conflict interpersonal que los hombres.Los resultados e implicaciones del estudio de acuerdo a las lineas de cultura y sexo fueron discutidos.

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The high-profile events are a part of Japan's cultural offensive against the rising star of neighbouring China, which is making major strides to modernise its own artistic output.

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