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Places like Egypt still today only use 830 silver I would just like to correct one point.Here in Egypt we have 900 silver and up (hallmarked) and thats the most common grade of silver we have here (this applies to gold too, we dont have 9 karat or 14 karat gold here. In silver jewelry you might find less grade depending on the design.It melts at a higher temp and so folks over there do not like it for casting however.Its hotter melting temp is one of the reasons that enamellists often use it here in the states.Both of the above volumes can be found available for sale online or at quality booksellers. Hi Sande-- I'm a silversmith here in the US and often work in Ag .980 I know many people that do as well.In the states it is most often referred to as --fine silver--.Due to its lesser copper content it tends NOT to tarnish as much or a quickly.I picked up a pair of contemporary silver earrings at an estate sale this weekend.

Britain always used the standard 925 and had another standard which is 956 silver which was called Britannia silver (this Britannia silver is seldom seen) and instead of the Lion rampant or lion Pageant you would see Britaina. Hence why British silver is sought after pre-1900 hundreds.

submitted by Karen Ferrandi CA with an arrow through it is the mark for Carl Art, Inc.

of Providence RI, which is the listing ABOVE the mark on page 57 of Rainwater.

Britain would not accept any standard below 925 as silver. Scandinavian countries used 830s silver like Denmark moved to using 925 silver in 1927 however even though a higher grade of silver was used by most jewellers in Scandinavia, they stuck to stamping there jewellery 830s as they did not have to pay a tariff to the assaying office for the change over to 925.

So most Jewellery made by fine houses in Scandinavia will in fact be marked 830s but will have a standard silver of 925.

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