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She says they had been dating for nine months before they married.

For their part, religious leaders, who also preside over marriages to unite groom and bridegroom and solving marital problems, say it is not surprising to see the rate of divorces was on the rise.

This means that currently for every 100 people who have reached the age of marriage in the country, two have been divorced.

The study further reveals that out of 100 who are marriageable, 40 are not yet married.

Section 100 of the law details that a court of law cannot hear divorce cases of marriages that have lasted under two years and for it to hear them it must satisfy itself that one of the couples suffers miserably.

The Women's Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) clarifies in its booklet about the marriage law that, "written or verbal divorces in the streets by the married couples are no recognised by the marriage law." "A divorce must be decided by a court of law so that the rights of either of the couple are clearly declared," reads part of the WLAC booklet issued in 2013.

Nonetheless, the reality on the ground is quite different.

A recent report shows that not only has the rate of divorce doubled within six years, but about half of people who have reached the age of marriage have not yet married.

In fact I can say that he was attentive, submissive and hardworking. Before they parted ways they took their case to close relatives of both sides.When a person is in good position financially, such a person can be independent and cannot accept to be harassed.This is contrary to the past, whereby women tolerated because of getting little income," says Fr Liheta, who carried out a study about marriage breakups.They also involved religious leaders, but still the husband did not want to listen to anybody, a situation that led to the divorce."I didn't like to go through the ordeal of divorce because we already had a child, but his behaviour made my life miserable. And I'm told that he has already married another woman, who, I think, was the one behind his sudden behavioural change," says Esther.

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"Before marrying, you are supposed to know if your partner has all the qualities required including satisfying yourself with her/his behaviour, family, social ability and if she/he can become a social person. You find out that a married person doesn't know even the history of his wife/her husband. Getting into wedlock while the married couple are 'blind' to each other's history, according to Sheikh Mataka, in most cases makes their marriage start to sway once everyone starts showing their real colours.

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