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In Canada they say 17,371 Canadians join the site monthly in 2017.

The global ratio between male and female customer accounts for Ashley Madison was 1:1.13.

He acknowledged that in some instances, when a person is in a “horrible, terrible, loveless, sexless marriage,” Ashley Madison can provide a useful platform for temporary escape.

More than 40 per cent of marriages are expected to end in divorce before the 30th anniversary, Statistics Canada reported in 2008, the last year the agency collected numbers on divorce.

Men -- Social work 2% of male participants were social workers. Women -- Politics Just 1% of female respondents worked in politics. Men -- Agriculture 3% of male cheaters worked in agriculture, such as farming. Women -- Arts and entertainment 4% of female cheaters were in the arts or entertainment industry. Men -- Arts and entertainment Arts and entertainment had a 3% turnout for male cheaters too. Women -- Legal 4% of female cheaters were in the legal profession. Men -- Education 4% of male cheaters were in education -- professors, teachers, and lecturers. Women -- Trades Women in trades, like building and plumbing, made up 4% of cheaters. Men -- Legal 4% of male respondents worked in law, too. Women -- Marketing and communications Women in marketing and communications made up 4% of female cheaters. Men -- Medical Men in the medical profession, such as doctors and nurses, made up 5% of male cheaters.

Women -- Education Women teachers were the second most common cheaters, making up 12% of female respondents. Men -- Trades Men who worked in trades took the top spot for cheating. "Jobs in trades often mean irregular hours and are often structured in shift work meaning it's easier for men to fly under the radar when it comes to sneaking around with an affair partner," said Isabella Mise, Director of Communications at Ashley Madison. Women -- Medical The number 1 spot for women was taken by the medical profession.

In 2015, it experienced one of the largest data breaches in history, which saw the personal information of 32 million clients released, leading to many reported cases of divorces, resignations, firings and suicides.The limited research on infidelity suggests that, in North America, 15 per cent of women and 25 per cent of men will have extramarital affairs.Claire Smith (who requested for her real name to not be used) has been on the site since 2002.In an interview with the Star, Ruben Buell, president and chief technology officer of Toronto-based Ruby Life (formerly Avid Life Media), Ashley Madison’s parent company, said the company now has 55 million members.An external audit by Ernst and Young found there were more than 5.6 million new registrations to the website in 2017. The male-to-female ratio, according to the report, is now 1:1 globally — previously, many of the female users had been fake accounts.

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People cheat on their partners for different reasons.

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