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Dating antique french furniture

The large cupboards called armoires, built-in and forming part of the boiserie, must also be regarded as permanent, even though they were later detached and are sometimes to be found today in the storerooms of the brocanteur seeking the support of a new boiserie. Such movable furniture as the canape (a kind of sofa), often by etiquette and because the framework was carved to match the boiserie, may be regarded as having been fixed in its position, and some fauteuils (armchairs), and even a proportion of the chairs, were destined to occupy a fixed point in relation to the rest of the interior scheme.

Plans dating from the 18th century exist showing the exact position of all these pieces of furniture.

They are both in use today, and the workshops of these craftsmen are a not uncommon sight in provincial France, even though the ebenistes are rarely as skilful as their forebears.

Classification according to position in the decorative scheme, whether fixed or not, is not an entirely new concept.

At this time the technique of inlaying, extremely fashionable in Italy, was in France the province of the menuisier, but when it was replaced by more sophisticated techniques such as veneering and marquetry in the early years of the 17th century, the most skilled menuisiers became known as ebenistes, a term often translated as 'cabinet-maker' which again is not strictly accurate.

These, when separated, gave two sheets of alternating brass and tortoiseshell, the first, in which the tortoiseshell forms the background, being termed premiere partie, and the second, with brass predominating, the contre-partie or deuxieme partie.

Little difficulty is presented in veneering the simple curve, but the problem of securing a veneer to a surface which is a section of a sphere or a spheroid - a kind of swelling outline termed bombe - was not solved until towards the end of the Regency.

Marquetry is a more or less elaborate pattern formed from inlays of differently coloured woods.

Verlet has also shown how contemporary terminology recognized the existence of this classification, for instance in the case of certain small tables without a fixed position which were termed ambulantes (strolling).

In these days when the original scheme has been scattered to the winds of heaven - the boiseries in New York, the commodes in Los Angeles, the pier-glasses in Chicago, and the fauteuils perhaps gracing a London flat, it is not always easy to understand how complete was the harmony between all the elements of decoration - fixed, semi-permanent, and movable - in its original form, and this kind of classification is therefore often difficult and the line of demarcation vague.

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Carved and gilt wood, an especially prominent feature of decoration under Louis Quatorze, hardly calls for explanation.

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