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Dating and liars in nc

This post thoroughly exposes the masonic agenda relating to the evangelical preacher known as Billy Graham, who died earlier this week.

Due to Billy Graham’s immense popularity in the “Christian” community this information isn’t exactly met with open ears, but it’s important that this material gets shared around, as it has the potential to alert church-going Christians to the agenda behind “Churchianity”.

Another clear example of Billy Graham hidden agenda with can be seen by his secretive involvement with freemasonry…

YOU can heal yourself, by releasing your internal trauma, into a consciousness and alignment where not only will your Beingness start to flourish, but also where you will be able to get anything you want.There are multi-millionaires who have an incredibly healthy Beingness, and there are people with no money at all, who also have abundantly prosperous Beingness.Incredibly rich people can be destitute at this level.And this won’t be as a result of trying to create your Beingness, but because these things are a healthy expansion and extension of your already established Beingness. no matter whether you obtain modest or grand things, you will deeply love and appreciate them.Here’s one of the most important things to understand when we make our Beingness reliant on False Sources – meaning people and things outside our relationship with ourselves and our Higher Power – we will never love, appreciate or be appeased with who or what we have.

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Before we get started though, let me make a quick preface with some thoughts on why this post was written…

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