Dating an overly jealous person cost of dating direct

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Dating an overly jealous person

Dude, if she's not screwing someone else behind your back, she soon will be.sadly i can't help you there much, man.

as my knowledge is limited in that only advice i can give you is to expand/work on your own social circle and hang around with your circle of friends, including girls as a revenge or anything, but, still, you've gotta protect yourself,,, She is smart, funny has a great time with the other dudes she's dating too and they all really like her.

Sorry to be blunt, but there are a lot of worrying things about her behavior that don't translate well into a long term stable relationship.

She won't go see the movie with you because she made plans to see it with one of her guy friends two weeks previously without including you or even telling you until you bought it up.

If she says no, then I'd maybe start wondering why she didn't want me there.

My question is, am I being too jealous or am I justified to be worried?

I agree that those are all red flags, but they are not going to the concert alone. What do you think, should I get out or just tell her how I feel and hope for the best?

Friends of his, who will be encouraging them both to hook up.

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Other than a little bit of bickering back and forth, mostly due to me being a little over sensitive, I think our relationship is going great so far.

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