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Dating a man 4 years younger

Many women rave about their younger partners, because they seem to be capable of real give and take in a relationship.

As Susanne explains: “Many men whose age would seem to make them better suited to me are just too traditionally male in their views.” Younger men often complain that the older women they like are wary of a relationship, probably because the women are worried about what people around them might think.

They insist how happy there are - and have been doing so for years - but the older woman/younger man combination has always been viewed askance. Back in the 1970s the press went wild when the German beauty Silvia Sommerlath married Carl-Gustav, King of Sweden.

The issue was not so much the new queen’s bourgeois background as the fact that she had the audacity to be three years older than her blue-blooded fiancé.

And what a man your own age may view as "baggage," a younger guy sees as fascinating territory you've traveled -- and you're willing to share.

So why should there be so much negativity about the combination of an older woman and a younger man?That’s a shame, because tolerance is an important fundamental element of a relationship.When it comes to finding a partner, you shouldn’t close your eyes to possibilities.Signs the age gap is a problem: Pay attention to signs that the age gap is a problem.Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins and Gwyneth Paltrow all have a younger man as their partner.

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If that's not an easy conversation opener, I truly don't know what is.)But after all sorts of successes and failures with women, as time has gone on, I've found at least common failure: a massive age gap.