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Dating a antisocial personality disorder

Respectful questioning is welcome from non ASPD members.For those who have no respect for either this illness or for those who are living with it, please do not enter this forum.

i think my relationships would be way easier if i just wanted only one,the switching is a mess.i don't like anything at the end lol I have been in a relationship with one for a year now and its getting irritating.

They may understand others’ emotions, but they often don’t experience shame or guilt when they cause others pain.

Rather, they use their knowledge of others’ weaknesses to manipulate a desired outcome.

Women with antisocial personality disorder are known to involve themselves in relationships that are similar to those they experienced as children or teens.

It is quite common for women suffering from antisocial disorder to be physically, verbally and sexually abused as adults. When daughters of these women witness the inconsistent and inapt behaviors of their mother, they too become likely to develop the symptoms of the condition.

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