Cps schools that will be consolidating

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I don’t want my child to go to school on the West Side of the city,’” he said.

Sources who spoke on a condition of anonymity said officials do not want to close schools without making some kind of new investment because they are keenly aware that people have deep connections to schools as community institutions.

In Englewood’s case, the trade-off would be a new high-school building.

In 2013, when CPS closed 50 schools in a single year, they spent millions fixing up designated receiving schools. “A brand new school next to the brand new Whole Foods.

This information may be outdated; it is preserved here as a historical record.

The Cincinnati Board of Education approved Superintendent Rosa Blackwell's recommendations on February 26, 2007, to set the timetable for closing several buildings.

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Four high schools in Englewood have among the smallest freshmen classes in the city.

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