Consolidating excel worksheets into one

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You may also want to read: Excel VBA combine worksheets columns into one worksheet Excel VBA consolidate multiple workbooks into one workbook In database, we can use UNION to combine two tables with the same structure. Paste Link:=True For i = consol Last Row 1 To consol Last Row looped Sht Last Row - 1 Active Sheet. In this tutorial, I will create a Macro to consolidate worksheets with same structure into one worksheet. Just as in Excel, you can choose the function to apply to numbers.If your data are identically structured, you can consolidate by position, otherwise you can consolidate by category.You use this color code to figure out the nominal value and tolerance of a standard resistor.Here’s how you use the color code to figure out the nominal value of the resistor (refer to the figure): , and so on) is to just append (meaning tack on to the end) the whole number with zeros, and use the exponent (which is the small, raised number next to the 10) to tell you how many zeros to append.Whether or not you are familiar with the Excel consolidate option, its power is included and enhanced in the add-in.You can simply check off all needed worksheets and define the range you want to consolidate.

Say that the fourth band of the 470 Omega resistor you have chosen for a particular project is gold.

Here are two examples: If you have a precision (five-band) resistor (which you’re unlikely to use for projects in Electronics For Kids For Dummies), the third band gives you the third digit of the resistance and the fourth band gives you the multiplier.

To figure out how far off from the nominal value the actual resistance could be, you look at the fourth band on a standard resistor (or the fifth band on a precision resistor).

For the majority of circuits — and in all the projects in Electronics For Kids For Dummies — it’s okay to use a standard resistor.

For certain circuits, it’s important to use a precision resistor with a lower tolerance.

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The color, gold, in the column labeled “tolerance” in the figure represents a tolerance of 5 percent.