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Caroline Flack gave the latter pairing the choice to leave the island as a happy couple.Georgia screamed and threw a pillow in anger, unsure why her housemates doubted them.Cards are ranked based on what’s genuinely best for the customer — not on the commission being paid.Traditionally, those looking for a credit card relied solely on luck and guesswork whenever they applied, with little knowledge as to their likelihood of being accepted until a hard credit check had been completed.And we believe that technology can bring about that change by empowering customers and challenging lenders.“This tool is now available to more people, and takes us a step closer to our goal of a fairer consumer credit market.The Totally Money service now available to customers provides a 360-degree view of the product’s suitability.The personalised Match Factor rankings make it easier for consumers to find the best credit product.

Now, customers are given a percentage of how likely they are to be accepted for particular credit cards before they apply.If you are viewing the content in another country or have an IP address that is not an Australian IP address, you will be unable to access live tv and on demand content. If you continue to get this message, let us know via the contact form.Appearing to get confused about what carpentry actually is, Georgia hysterically laughed before saying: "Making carpets. Making carpets and putting them down on the ground." An embarrassed Paul said: "It's not making carpets at all. I do anything to do with making houses, extensions, floors." Georgia questioned him about the meaning before Paul added: "Don't worry, you're not the first person to make that mistake, so I'll let you off." Georgia replied: "I make a few mistakes, but they're only witty." Click here to play our Love Island games - and win a £10,000 holiday for you and three friends Love Viewers couldn't believe their ears, with one raging: "Imagine thinking a carpenter lays carpets." Another added: "How can you feel sorry for a girl who thought a carpenter is someone who lays down carpets, she’s fried." A third said: "I’m actually sitting here thinking that Georgia is worse than Megan now, like... "I think like the word carpenter she also doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘loyal’ #loveisland #farfromloyal #whatajoke." Georgia was getting to know Paul after she split with Sam Bird so they could stay in the villa as singletons.Totally Money’s unique Borrowing Power algorithm shows customers how likely they are to be offered credit by real-world lenders.Totally Money won the Best Credit Report Provider at the 2018 Moneynet Personal Finance Awards.

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But they then chose to split up so they could continue their journey on the ITV2 show.

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