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In the vicious fighting that followed, the American forces suffered 80 percent casualties as their perimeter was breached, and Airman Pitsenbarger was fatally wounded.

A somber day, as compared to Armed Forces Day, when we puff up our pride and display our military hardware with festive "open houses." Trump the Snollygoster highlighted "Me" in his tossed salad Memorial Day tweets.

I realized Pits had been leaving the barracks when I stumbled in, but he was extremely helpful getting me established.

Then he offered to take me over to the Airman's Club for a cool one, and introduce me around.

As the battle raged on, he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to care for the wounded, pull them out of the line of fire, and return fire whenever he could, during which time he was wounded three times.

Despite his wounds, he valiantly fought on, simultaneously treating as many wounded as possible.

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