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Christian hoh dating

It doesn’t take him long to figure out, however, that he doesn’t have the ability to run and think at the same time.Things aren’t looking good for this self-described super-nerd! – Winston is determined to pull himself off the block and is moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. Faysal finished in and Kaitlyn jogged through in . He’s stoked, but a little nervous that he is clearly running this house. – Following the Veto competition, Tyler has a huge decision to make.Kaitlyn drew “Houseguest’s Choice” and picked Faysal to play. Swaggy doesn’t have a chance to play and he has no idea his game is on the line. – Kaitlyn chose Faysal to keep up appearances with her FOUTTE alliance but is concerned he will actually win.She tells Faysal it would be bad for his game if he wins this week.She tells him winning two Veto competitions in a row will put a huge target on his back, but Faysal is a competitor and has no plans on throwing the competition. – The houseguests are scattered throughout the house when the doorbell rings.In walks “Big Brother” royalty and “Amazing Race” champs Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson.She does tell Kaitlyn that she believes the Kaitlyn/Tyler relationship seems stronger than the Kaitlyn/Haleigh friendship right now. He looks completely shocked, which I have to admit is a glorious sight to behold.

Haleigh is immediately sickened to learn Swaggy could be going home but puts on a brave face and doesn’t reveal that to Kaitlyn. Then Kaitlyn stands up and begins crying as she throws Swaggy up on the block. Keep refreshing/reloading this live blog for the most recent updates. America voted to punish Rachel Swindler with the “Crap App,” meaning for the next 24 hours a “Yell” reviewer will be unleashed into the house to loudly critique her and her game.And the winner of the “Power App” was Tyler, who chose “The Cloud,” an app that will keep himself from going on the block at any one nomination ceremony or Veto meeting for the next two months. – Kaitlyn admits that even though she nominated Winston and Scottie, her target is still Swaggy. Now Kaitlyn and the Level 6 alliance need to make sure the other side of the house doesn’t get word of their plan.Both of those steps went off more or less without a hitch, but with a Veto competition on the line, Kaitlyn’s plan of backdooring Swaggy could still be thwarted.How did the Veto drama play out on Wednesday night?

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