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Roosevelt's New Deal legislation expanded the bureaucracy in Washington.

World War II further increased government activity and defense contracting, adding to the number of federal employees in the capital.

In addition, some African Americans are migrating to other parts of the South in a New Great Migration, because of family ties, increased opportunities and lower cost of living.

Some of the latter have moved to the suburbs; others have moved to new opportunities in the South in a New Great Migration. C., was established to be the new United States capital and is largely a planned city.

However, there were already a number of settlements within the federal territory when it was created in 1790.

People came from across the country to work in wartime Washington.

Shortly thereafter, in a pattern repeated across the country, the city began losing residents attracted to newer housing in the suburbs, with commutes made easier by an expanded highway network outside the city.

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The city's population continued to decline until the late 1990s.