Christian dating advice when to break up

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Christian dating advice when to break up

That might sound kind of academic, so let’s put some flesh on it.

Let’s say you’re a Christ-follower, and you start dating someone who isn’t a disciple of Jesus.

Not far from my house there’s a quaint little creek called Tenmile.

Except for the higher flow in spring, only a small stream of cold, clear water glides down the granite rocks, pooling quietly here and there, as it makes its way down the mountainside.

Which means you will hurt both of you even more if you wait to break things off.

Track with me here, because this is sobering stuff.

Stopping the water there, along the creek, would be easy.They are with their boyfriend or girlfriend because they feel stuck not because they truly want to be.They’ve tried to walk away only to return boomerang style. It went something like this: feel conviction, break up, return to his pleading heart, crave God’s better plan, break up, return and apologize to him for ever having left in the first place, begin to doubt, break up…You get the picture.We had this conversation back then—that it’s always easier to dam up a stream at the narrowest point before a lake of love and shared experiences collect, requiring gobs of cement, fifty times the effort, and exponential pain to do what could have been done more simply upstream. But in case you need more rationale, here are three big reasons to break up sooner than later when you know you’re in the wrong relationship.So why don’t we just do what we know we should do when we first suspect we should do it? The truth is, if it seems hard to break up now, it won’t get easier when you have even more time invested in a relationship!

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