Chatzy adult

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Chatzy adult

When we trashed the app and locked down the phone, she begged us to let her say goodbye to her "community".This app is very addictive and has devastated our family.I went looking for others that share common intertest in a game as myself and found nothing but vulgar, dishonest and terrible people. Just stick with your console, handheld or pokemonshowdown.

She was being used as a therapist on various aminos.

She would also stand up at 3am just to chat with those pedophiles.

One day she forgot her phone at home and she received a message.

Since taking it away and getting therapy, our happy, conscientious, daughter has reemerged.

She says the compulsion, disguised commoradere, escalating mixed messages, shame, and encouragement to hide content from parents/friends made her life miserable. So, my 14 years old daughter dowloaded this app in November 2017.

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Now, after 3 months she's finally a happy person again living a normal life. I'm a leader on multiple communities on Amino and I just wanted to give some insider advice.