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Chat with hot house wives

"I didn't move in on her Dalton; she came to me and asked me for a date." Tony said "He isn't bullshitting you Frank. She walked up to him and said that since it didn't look like he was ever going to ask her out she was asking him." "I though you guys must have broken up" Roger said "Why else would she come up to me and since I know she puts out I made a date with her." "Then it looks like I've got no beef with you" and I walked away.When my sister asked why I was so down I told her what had happened. She'll get what's coming to her for being a bitch to you." And she did.When Nancy dumped me I made another run at Pauline and as usual I got nowhere. According to what Nancy says you are one who does it." Yes my sister could and did talk to me like that.I went into a funk and once again my sister told me to: "Hang in there Frankie. There are a lot of girls who are interested in you and I'll bet a couple of them will make a run at you." "How could you know that? Nancy told several girls about what she calls 'your magic mouth' and I'm sure that some of them are going to try and find out if it is true." "What is this magic mouth stuff? We'd had no secrets from each other since the day I walked into the house a couple hours earlier than expected and found her and her then current boyfriend going at it on the living room couch.I was talking to my Uncle Bob about it and got the "Hang in there Frank; you'll get your chance." One Friday night in a game against Weston Danny wasn't doing well and the coach said "Dalton!Get in there for Marks" and I never sat on the bench again.I just went from "Four-eyed Fatso" to "Frankie Four-eyes." I wasn't the only kid picked on and some of them had it even worse than I did.

" "Just hang in there Frankie and you'll get your chance." But I never did. All you have to do is hang in there." By age seven I was wearing glasses because of near-sightedness and the taunts changed to "Four-eyed fatso." When I came home from school in a downer of a mood because of it my mom asked me what was wrong. When I was dead and gone that is what it would say on my tombstone. He hung in there When I started school I was a chubby kid and all the kids would laugh at me and call me "Fatso" and when I told my dad about it he said: "Things will change son.So I hung in there and sure enough Bev Abbeg came up to me in the student cafeteria and asked me for a date.I of course said yes and on our third date we were steaming up the windows of the car with our make out sessions. Her parents were gone for the weekend and when I arrived she said she would rather stay home and we could watch some of her dad's collection of movies.

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Naturally a lot of the times I was told to hang in there and things would change or get better they never did.

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