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The word we hear in Genesis 1 is this: In the beginning, as God began creating things, the universe was a formless void, and the wind of the Spirit blew across the waters.

Then, as God began to speak, things happened, starting with light and then before long the waters parted, earth emerged, and on it went, all in poetic motion.

Of course, that opens a lot of conversation about the nature of God.

As representatives of God, who creates all things and declares them to be good, then our responsibility is to steward or manage this creation of God.

It is a rather long text, rich in images that help us envision the nature of God, our Creator.

The text was chosen to be read on this particular Sunday in large part because some have found traces of the Trinity in verse 26, where God declares: “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; ….” The choice of the plural to describe the creation of humanity, male and female, in the likeness of God, has been suggestive. The answer, among many Trinitarians, is that it reflects the plurality of God’s nature.

The opening verses (1-18) tell the story of Easter morning.

It’s not that we look like God or have divine powers, but that we represent God in creation–as male and female.But, the assumption of Trinitarian theology is that God always acts as one when engaging the created order.We don’t have three different gods doing three different jobs.As God spoke each element of creation into existence, God paused and declared: “It is good.” Yes, here is the message of the moment: the created order, that is the material world, is good. The proper response is to offer up words of praise.This text has been chosen by the creators of the lectionary to be read on Trinity Sunday.

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That’s Easter morning and it’s the message that we celebrate on Easter Sunday.

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