Cesium dating wiki of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating

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I figured the stuff was popular there so if I there was any interest I could just bring it with me and sell it there.

Got up by one guy who said he was interested in the lot and was about 4 hours away.

At this point I realize the flipping potential is probably very low considering the stigma around sea turtles and possible leagal liability but curiosity is still eating at me.

I am aware that sea turtles that were harvested and stuffed between certain dates are illegal. I am wondering if anyone knows how I can date the turtle without having to go somewhere to have it assessed, because from what I gather I might get in trouble because that would show intent to sell.Cesium 137 Used to treat cancerous tumors; to measure correct patient dosages of radioactive pharmaceuticals; to measure and control the liquid flow in oil pipelines; to tell researchers whether oil wells are plugged by sand, and to ensure the right fill level for packages of food, drugs, and other products.Chromium 51Used in research in red blood cell survival studies. Pb activities in the sediment cores taken near the traps – were applied for determining sediment deposition and sediment accumulation rates in the eastern part of Puck Bay.The sediment deposition rate (1.67 mm year) based on the in situ measurement was comparable with the sediment accumulation rate calculated using the Constant Flux: Constant Sedimentation Rate model for the isotopic method.

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This doesn't mean you can sell it unfortunately.

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