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People involved in shipping (or shippers) assert that the relationship does exist, will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist.

"Portmanteaux first came about with Lewis Carroll" as a way to blend words, stated Jonathan Gabay, author of the Copywriter's Compendium—a reference guide to the English language.

In other Internet trends, fans often take part in making fan videos (also referred to as fanvids, a compilation of favorite scenes stylishly intercut as music videos or other various forms of entertainment) and writing fanfiction (alternative endings and stories to the original story's outcome) for their favorite pairings.

Sites such as You Tube and help to facilitate this.

Or wanted to know who's your most compatible celebrity love? Celeb uses the scientific method of biorhythms to calculate the compatibilities.

Use Celeb to calculate your most compatible celebrity love or select a celebrity yourself and Celeb will show the compatibility.

Get the Celeb Match app now If you want to match yourself with somebody who isn't a celebrity (e.g.

In addition, the two have no personal flaws or idiosyncrasies that could interfere with their perfect love.

Only an evil, outside force could disturb their relationship".

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