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While such robot planes have been widely used in war zones and on military operations, their use over native soil has been restricted.NYT on Hurricane Sandy: Were Doomed Without FEMA and Big Government Kurt Nimmo - Hurricane Sandys blustery entrance and exit gave the New York Times the opportunity to climb up on its soapbox and celebrate FEMA and large government.

Traces of explosives found on wreckage of jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Polish president Daily Mail - Polish investigators have found traces of explosives on the wreckage of a government jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Poland's president and 95 others, Polish media claimed today.

The flight tests took place off the coast of Florida in early August, but details have only just been released.

The Predator B used in the tests is a modified version of the Guardian drone typically used by the US navy.

1999 - Leaders from the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church signed the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification. Justice Department reached a tentative agreement to settle the antitrust case against the software company.

1998 - Iraq announced that it was halting all dealings with U. 1999 - Egypt Air Flight 990 crashed off the coast of Nantucket, MA, killing all 217 people aboard.

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The incident highlights the ongoing struggle new leaders face to bring the country under full control.