Butch camp sex tube

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Butch camp sex tube

The ticks and leeches were everywhere, and the rain was relentless.After a few times of sliding down and crawling back up the muddy mountainside, he would stick the barrel of his weapon into the mud, using it as a grappling hook to pull himself up to the top of the mountain.Camp Enari was a large base camp, devoid of trees, and the land looked much like what you find in South Georgia, lots of red clay and plenty of dust, which kicked up every time a helicopter came in.I found my way to the in-processing facility, and was assigned to a transit barrack (quonset hut) that was located near by. I had just turned twenty-years old three months earlier, while training at , I had no clue as to why we were even there.

Yet I have a sense of being there, a collage of the past, interpreted from so much vagueness. I had hundreds, photographs of the guys, the jungle, the Vietnamese, the Montagnards, even the first pair of jungle boots that I wore out, everything! The first few rounds landed outside of the intended target, so he adjusted his coordinances.

The stories were prophetic, we all shared the same war!

And I was so happy for those guys, I could feel the sheer joy of their happiness, it was palpable, they were going home, back to the world.

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