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The risk of instability is greater because several major regional players know they could benefit if the situation degenerates.

The ethnic factor, which Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza is cynically manipulating, needs demystifying.

There have also been reports of human rights abuses as well.

According to the UN, over 300,000 people fled the country since 2014 due to violent gangs from Congo and disappearances and killings allegedly committed by Burundian security forces.

A police spokesperson said authorities "do not have any indication of foul play" as the investigation continues into what happened after the group attended the FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition with students from 157 nations.Everything is analysed in terms of the potential for history to repeat itself, neglecting nuances and the possibility of appreciating the real sequence of events.What has happened in Burundi since 2015 could seriously destabilise the region, and demands careful analysis.Police reports provided to Buzzfeed indicated that the four boys and two girls were last seen in the early evening of 18 July in northwest DC after which their adult mentor was unable to locate them. Audrey Mwamikazi, 17, Nice Munezero, 17, Don Charu Ingabire, 16, Kevin Sabumukiza, 17, Richard Irakoze, 18, and Aristide Irambona, 18 reportedly have one-year US visas.However, the Burundi Embassy in Washington said by email that it did not know about the robotics contest or if a Burundian team was attending.

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An all-girl squad from Afghanistan drew worldwide media attention to the competition when President Donald Trump intervened after they were denied US visas.