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Perhaps nowhere else in the world, are the natural forces between men and women intact like in Brazil.We tend to over complicate at times within the Game community.Get out of your “Game Head” and let nature take its course in Brazil.Routines, scripts and contrived storytelling are not needed. Brazilian women are highly affectionate and sexual creatures.This is easier said than done, as Portuguese is not widely spoke outside of Brazil and Portugal.However, learning at least a few phrases in Portuguese will go a long way in differentiating yourself from other tourists.It is understood that men have emotions and they are not less masculine for their expression of feelings. Brazilian women take great pride in their appearance and they expect the same in men.

It’s a free and open social network for English speakers and learners, based in BH, where you can learn and practice English with foreigners and Brazilians, using community, culture and meaningful relationships.However, they are not the logical thinkers like their Eastern European counterparts.Brazilian culture is predicated on socialization in groups and the enjoyment of the full range of human emotions.Employing these tips will provide you with a solid foundation towards attaining your desired goals with Brazilian women.For more information on Brazil, read my Guide to Dating Women in Rio .

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No other country in the world exudes sexuality and sexual liberty like Brazil.

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  1. "When I arrived, I saw women tell lies about other women and get them kicked out. But one person has a different take on that time period: Kendra Wilkinson, who also dated Hefner at the time and costarred with Holly on the E!