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Bollywood sex peron

This “spectator cinema” continues a lack of awareness within the masses of a difference between class interests or “that of the rulers and that of the nation”.

With the advancement of technology in film in the late 1960s (simplification of cameras and tape recorders, rapid film that can be shot in normal light, automatic light meters, improved audio/visual synchronization), Solanas and Getino argue that an alternative cinema is finally possible.

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) is a Latin American film movement that started in the 1960s–70s which decries neocolonialism, the capitalist system, and the Hollywood model of cinema as mere entertainment to make money.The staff in production share all aspects of the production process by working collectively.In Third Cinema, for example, a Director can be the Cameraman, the Photographer or the Writer at different phases of the production.Fundamentally different, Third Cinema films sought to inspire revolution against class, racial and gender inequalities.Spectators were called upon to reflect on social injustices and the process by which their realities occurred, and to take action to transform their conditions.

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