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Decreasing the size of the form field can be achieved by reducing the font size of the text tag to get the appropriate length.

For example, if you need to have a mandatory phone field assigned to the sender, instead of putting the full tag, you may use a shorter tag in the appropriate location in the document with whitespace to adjust the size of the field.

The entire span of the text tag, from the beginning curly brace to the closing curly brace, must fit within a single line.

If a text tag spans multiple lines, either in the source document or in the processed PDF, the form field will not be correctly recognized by Adobe Sign and may cause the underlying text to be visible to the signer when signing the document.

Instead of using “sender” and “signer” roles, another approach is to only use roles such as “signer1”, “signer2”, “signer3”and so forth.

Please ensure that these recipients are added in the correct order when sending the document.

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Text tags can also be used when creating PDFs with form fields.

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