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Posted by / 18-Jun-2020 23:29

Black women are not as glorified as much as black men, not saying that black men get praise and worship, but black men are needed more to "uplift" the white community.

On the other hand, society does not want much from black women.

When I look at these stereotypes it saddens me because they are the main reasons for two current and excelling problems: The distance of black men from their own culture/race and black women being the least desirable and unmarried group of women in America compared to every other race women.

The media has a strong effect on how other races view blacks and how blacks view themselves.

I believe there are plenty of educated, talented, and successful black men that value black women, and their community, and their culture, and even though there are still some black men of that nature left, people fail to see the decline in these black men, in the black community, and ultimately in the lives of black women.

If a person searches the statics of black men and interracial dating and marriage, it is a low percentage as of now.

This a phenomenon because there are more black men that disown their black women more than any other race men.

Agree or disagree but the truth is, it is about self-hate and the feeling of acceptance.

I do not mean black men hate being black but it can be many reasons that causes self-hate.

Another subject I have observed is that most educated and talented black men have a strong, protective, and loving nature but statistically speaking they look for women of other races.

A question I have continuously asked myself is why are educated, nurturing, strong, protective women not good enough for a black man that possesses the same qualities?

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